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Welcome to our website.  We are a very well-knit group of friends and family with a vast amount of time spent playing various mmo's.  A fair amount of our members are actual real life crafters, from knitting, to wood working, to machining parts, the list goes on and on.  We do our best to keep our guild enviroment clean and friendly... which isnt to say we're a bunch of prudes who look down on everyone.  I like to think we are some of the most helpful and friendly players on our shard (Silkweb)  So look around, enjoy your visit.
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Angrymuff, Mar 22, 12 1:12 PM.
Say hello to Maelforge 


A look at Fishing in 1.8

Angrymuff, Mar 20, 12 11:42 AM.

Honey! I'm going fishing!!


Well, the play test server has some nice info on the fishing aspect, please click the link below to read a lil bit about it.

Read about it HERE

First Look....

Angrymuff, Mar 14, 12 1:29 PM.
And here's Laethys


Nifty Bag Add-On

Angrymuff, Mar 12, 12 2:10 PM.

Patch 1.8 Info

Angrymuff, Mar 10, 12 8:18 PM.

Originally posted by Gedrsh_Trion (Source)

Afternoon everyone,


So many of you might have seen the videos posted by G4 and Gamespot where we teased some of our new 1.8 content. I wanted to stop in and clarify a few things that way our designers can have a little bit more time to polish things before we go to PTS with them.

First let’s start out with new tradeskills, yes we will be adding new auxillary tradeskills to the game that anyone can get regardless of their current profession. Yes fishing is one of those skills, and yes there will be a ton of stuff you can pull out of the water ranging from crafting ingredients, to artifacts and even treasure.

Secondly, lets talk about Seals. What is a seal? Well it is a NEW accessory slot that can only be created through tradeskills. You have to seek out a crafter to get a seal, there is no other way to get them. This is one of the ways we’re working to ensure that crafters have a distinct place in our itemization. Crafters should have plenty to sell between seals, temporary enchanments and special recipes released with new content.

Finally lets talk about some new recipes, not only will be adding new recipes for the new tradeskills and seals, but existing tradeskills will be getting new recipes with Infernal Dawn. The items made for these particular slots will be VERY good, but also very hard to make with rare ingredients from the raid itself as well as other endgame locations.

On top of all of this we’re trying to do as many small quality of life improvements as we can get into 1.8. Overall we’re pretty excited about crafting for this patch and I hope you are too.

I promise that our designers will be hitting the PTS forums with detailed posts on each of this topics as we get closer to testing.


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